cropped-thistle_s-end-farm-branding-system_four-color-detail-cropped.pngLamb Cut Pricing Spring 2020

Lamb will be sold whole, by the half, or in cuts.  Each whole lamb, approximately 40 to 45 lbs of meat, will be sold for $400.00.  A half lamb is $200.00 plus the processor’s split fee of $5.00.    For a whole lamb,  expect the following standard cuts: 2 leg roasts, 2 racks of lamb or equivalent in chops, 4 lamb shanks, 2 shoulder roasts or chops, 6 lbs of ground lamb, and one pack of liver, heart and kidneys as well as neck roast or bones.  (Plan on one cubic foot of freezer space per half lamb, about the size of a large shopping bag.)  If ordering a whole or half lamb in advance, you will be given a cut preference sheet.  These prices include the standard processing fee of $100 to $110 per lamb.  All lambs are processed in a USDA inspected facility, but unless requested, whole and half lambs will be custom processed without the USDA certification and additional charge.  All cuts are USDA certified.

Prices for lamb purchased by the cut are as follows:

Loin or Rib Chops$14.00/lb
Leg (boneless)$13.00/lb
Kabob Meat$13.00/lb
Sirloin Chops$12.00/lb
Ground $10.00/lb
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