Our Products


We raise and sell all-natural Katahdin lamb (antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free, USDA processed and inspected).   The meat is frozen by the processor and can be purchased year round by the whole or half lamb, or in cuts.  (See price sheet for details.)  We process lambs in late fall or early winter, so if you want to pre-order your lamb and individualize your cuts, contact us now to get on our list for this year.  No deposit is required.  You may pick up the lamb at our farm or we can make arrangements to meet you at a convenient location.


John grows a wide variety of mostly summer vegetables and sells at the Woodford County Farmers Market, at Fresh Stops in Lexington, and to a few selected restaurants.  After growing conventionally years ago, John switched over to growing completely organically and completed the process for organic certification in 2017. His specialties include many types of tomatoes, summer squash, okra, potatoes, butternut squash, and (with the cooperation of Mother Nature) fresh purple hull peas!


Our heritage pigs (Hereford, Sienna Grey, and Russian Boar) are raised on Woodford County pasture supplemented with only non-GMO feed, and no antibiotics, hormones or steroids.  Pre-orders for halves and quarters are taken in the spring, for processing in the fall (USDA processed and inspected). Update: due to processor overload related to COVID 19, we won’t be able to sell pork this year. We plan to resume pork production in 2021.

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